5 Ways How MS Dynamics 365 Empowers Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation discussions like several other technology-related business " hot topics", can get complicated. The best and exceptional way to think about digital transformation is just simplifying it: How can you use digital technologies to change the business and its process? And if you're going to change the way you do business what do you need to analyze and evaluate and then modify, alter or enhance?

Key Digital Transformation Components

The basis of any digital transformation effort can be broken down into three components, digitalization, digitization and Intelligence.

Three major components of digital transformation:

Digitalization: the process of technologically induced business change

Digitization: the process of converting business information from analog to digital forms.

Intelligence: the force of driving actionable business insight from digitization and digitalization

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 is the comprehensive software suite that facilitates brilliant fusion of CRM and ERP cloud services focusing on a particular business process. The integrated CRM incorporates indispensable apps for the high-end sales forecast in the sale, field service, Project Service Automation, Marketing, Customer Service, Operations and Financials.

Most among the business owners might see the business transformation as their digital transformation driver. Others might observe it as the driver behind their business transformation. The conversion would be incomplete without moving their CRM system to the cloud, which is where it belongs in a digital world. And this means upgrading to MS 365 CRM.

Create Custom Business Apps with App Designer

This is an innovative approach ahead with enhanced MS Dynamics 365 functionality as the need for the business app creation. The significant aspect of this app designer is that the user can swift easily without the knowledge of coding. While designing the app from a power app and app source, including some inbuilt operations through which we can quickly develop an app for free. App designer is additional functionality that we can create our app without any charge. It includes:

  • Dashboards,
  • Entities,
  • Charts,
  • Business processes
  • View Forms

MS Dynamics 365 Mobile Client

Microsoft Dynamics 365 became handy for the professionals for staying productive at work and keeping in touch with the customers is an effective way to get the 360-degree view of the essential business solution. To leverage this CRM add-on is the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mix as the sales rep, sales manager and marketing professionals to equip with all the minute to major real-time activities and customer records for every appointment on tasks, notes, and attachments. Additionally, the sales representative can leverage on the marketing professionals, and sales manager to equip with all the real-time sales activities and customer records updates for every appointment on tasks, notes and attachments.

Interactive Graphical Visualization of Power BI

Power BI is a comprehensive core BI tool to create interactive visualization dashboards and reports with drag and drop enhanced GUI. Power Business Intelligence is integrated into the MS Dynamics 365 for the organized Business Performance because the demand to travel through all reports is decreased for the one that's checked most of the time is displayed within the kind of charts with the Key Performance Indicators section on Dynamics 365 home screen. Furthermore, the tables presented within the KPI section are often straightly changed from the house screen displaying shorter or longer periods that are automatically updated.

Easy Editing with Editable Grids

The all-new editable grid is an exciting feature invented by MS Dynamics 365 through which the user can edit any number of records from any entity by its grid view itself; you need not to go to the form for any editing.

This is a custom embedded visual control that is functional to enhance the intuitive CRM interface for specific business needs consisting of website preview, Calendar, YouTube player across distinct mobile client applications for Phones and Tablets. This productive and enhanced visual experience in the form of custom controls including switches, sliders, star ratings, a video embedding and a calendar control that come handy to assist mobile users in running smoothly and entering CRM data faster.

Process Flow Editor

This is an enhancement in the business process flow as the flow, and the view of the process is changed. Although the visual interface is entirely broken, there are less functional changes in the process. Discussing the flows in MS Dynamics 365 businesses has altered the changes structurally in the process flow editor, but the whole concept in the process flow functionality editor remains the same. It is equal to the same functionality that is available in their previous CRM versions. Therefore, you can predict and show the time to spend on a stage in the business process lead. Workflows have a feature in which you can make a recommendation on a field that helps in validating the same area.


Digital transformation is a strategic and lengthy process, but it doesn't mean it cannot deliver quick returns in several areas. The key is working with someone identifying low hanging fruit in regions including the areas of business and operational process or workflow adjustments. Integrating Dynamics 364 with Office 365, Azure, Cortana and other key Microsoft products uniquely positions it to allow for quick hit productivity/efficiency as well as long-term strategic digital transformation gains.

Raja Sekhar Reddy
Working as a Content Contributor at KBSTraining.com.