Human Resource departments are desperately cost-efficient and seeking effective ways to retain their top talent.

AI is an exceptional tool to boost employee engagement and to improve the style of recruiting, training and retaining in enterprises worldwide.

Artificial Intelligence-the buzz in today's technology, gaining the attention of not only the enterprises but also the mechanism of living across distinct sectors. Since being its invention, it is gradually increasing and became a trend since 2013 but became a trend setter with its use cases explicitly designed for journalism, manufacturing, and finance domains.

As technology continues to progress at a fast pace, artificial intelligence (AI) is a buzz among every industry. Although AI is no longer a future concept to work on -as it’s already a part of our workplace. More and more organizations are heading towards AI to enhance the overall business performance. Particular, Human Resources sector has technically advanced, now working smartly by incorporating AI technology.

AI is an exceptional tool to boost employee engagement and to improve the style of recruiting, training and retaining in enterprises worldwide.

What does AI do for Employee Engagement?

Decision wise in an article stated that “Employee Engagement is an emotional state where we feel passionate, energetic and committed towards the work, In turn we fully invest ourselves- heart, spirit, mind and hands- in the work we do”.

In this digitally connected world, most of the employees are engaged for more than 40 hours/week. These tasks including: More work hours, conference calls, work events-attending post, etc.

According to today’s trend, Employee Engagement is the metric of productivity having a significant impact on business goals. AI with its new and unmatched inventions has topped every business agenda. All the commercial industries right from large to small scale are grappling for proliferation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and finding ways to stay on the edge of technology.

Human Resource departments are desperately cost-efficient and seeking effective ways to retain their top talent. In this scenario, finding a solution for a particular problem is a hectic task. Most among the annual surveys aren’t capturing the true employee experiences. Hence the management requires the complete insights of employee engagement so as to provide focused approach to answer.

Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence have huge impact on human Resource management. AI changes data into an easy and understandable format in no time according to the specific user requirements. On the other hand ML is an advanced version of AI that takes it to the next extent.

For Instance, the data gained through AI will help HR teams in recruiting fresh employees and retain existing ones and motivating them. AI provides solutions based on historical data. Thus, resolving the issues by assisting HRs to create result-oriented and focus-centric programs.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Human Resource Management

AI has become a key factor in choosing the right candidate based on job profiles by automating communications with candidates such as checking applicant resume, matching the criteria to profile required, applicant's feedback. The processes of assessment with AI don’t purely depend on keywords. The candidates need not have get dishearten , as to go through manual assessment it takes days to cover every applicants, in order to reduce the overall time this processes is being applied to cover every application.

These are the most effective areas where AI is incorporated. through these changes it is easy to eliminate human's biased nature and increasing the chances of hiring efficient candidates.

10 Influential AI trends those are advantageous to HR management

➔ Human working alongside AI

➔ Identifying the roles transformed by AI

➔ Transforming Talent Acquisition

➔ Machine learning to help employees navigate their careers

➔ Hackathonsh to identify new HR solution

➔ Using AI to be a virtual coach

➔ Enhancing employee communications

➔ Changing of leadership roles as a AI moves into management

➔ Investing in the human experience

➔ Identifying new roles created by AI

Artificial Intelligence-enabled HR bots

HR bots aids support engagement and employee relations. This is the reason behind flourishing startups and HR solution providers are increasing.

The enhanced efficiency of the accumulated data, automating and streamlining the hiring process is being adopted by HR chat bots. In addition to this, chat bots offer strong cross-channel integration with ease, converse endlessly with users, stores information of employees, 24*7 availability, and instantaneous responses, accessibility.

For example, applying for a day off without prior notice, simply leave a text stating that you’re on leave that particular day. The Chabot will check with the manager whether the leave has to be approved or not. Confirmed once they leave approved.

Application leverages of AI in integration with Human Resource

● Improved prediction models

● Simplifies recruitment process

● Simplifies payroll

● Personalize

● Diminishes biased appraisals


Finally to conclude, in the coming future Artificial intelligence will be the key of improvement and change of organization or workplace. The rise of AI has transformed the look towards organization and its traditional employee engagement system.

The capabilities offered by technologies like AI & ML, enterprise will grow better in hiring and engaging employees for long-term basis. Predictive analysis and algorithms of ML will lay a foundation for understanding human behavior that can help in decision making to improved engagement metrics. The most exciting part of this is to know how all the global enterprises understand the future trends and extent of possibilities of AI and implement the technology in learning, development, and recruitment.

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