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How to Switch your Career from Manual Testing to Automation Development

November 01, 2018 by Prasanthi Korada

Start stepping towards your dream career today with the leading and on-demand automation testing training.

Are you in the testing field? Are you attempting to switch careers in the QA industry? Are you trying hard to break into automation development from manual testing? Let’s discuss the transitions from being a manual QA tester to an Automation testing engineer, where the primary task deals with programming in Selenium and Java.

Even though the transition won’t take place overnight, it will take years to lay the necessary groundwork for this career shift. But these days, with the evolution of online technical training destinations like Mindmajix, the task has become somewhat easier than earlier with online Selenium training. These can be completed at any time anywhere according to your convenience without disturbing your current job.

Anyways, let’s have a look at usual road rap to shift from manual testing career to automation testing.

Manual testing has changed a lot from what it was before five years.

The number of manual QA jobs is low and when such a role is available, there exist a fierce competition. It is a common thing today to meet the manual testers those who have a difficult time finding a new job.

Some testers want to expand their skills with the addition of programming and a test automation framework in their testing toolbox. Coming to the case of others, they are contemplating switching their direction entirely and focusing on automation only.

Now let’s find how to shift to the automation job when you do not have programming knowledge.

The dreams of testers about the company that they are going to work will be:

  • Discovering them
  • Observe their Potential Growth
  • Accept their lack of Automation Skills
  • Hire them as Automation Engineers (In spite lack of skills)
  • Provide them with time to learn programming and testing

Such testers seem to be very confident in them and believe that once they got the job, they will learn the programming and test automation skills quickly. That is an entirely rare case.

Today companies are preferring automation testers who have automation testing proficiency and if possible, who have prior experience in real-time.

Other testers who adapts to the real market conditions, search for automation opportunities by applying the jobs those companies advertise. And some work with recruiters.

Working with an IT recruiter is the best and quick way to get a new job. Due to the board range of companies that the recruiter has to access, they are interested in directly placing the tester.

The manual testers want to find an automation job, but don’t have any programming knowledge.

So what is the best route for manual testers to shift into Automation testing?

If you are trying to change your career from manual testing to automation testing, and you are not a professional in programming: Change your attitude by the following suggestions:

  • Help yourself to improve your testing skills and become relevant.
  • Research the test automation skills which are in demand in your job market.
  • Research on the automation frameworks which are on-demand, whether the web or the mobile.

Is QTP experience required by most companies, Selenium or Appium?  Start learning about the programme and make sure that you are learning how to test an automation framework.

Do not relax after mastering the basic concepts, but continue with more advanced concepts like OOPS, Code refactoring, designing custom frameworks, and design patterns.

  • Become visible, different, and interesting professionally
  • Start learning about automation testing frameworks with one of the major online portals and get certified.
  • Get your Linkedin profile updated with your new automation and programming skills.
  • Do not wait for others to discover you. If you want to change your career and move from manual testing to test automation, do not expect to be seen.
  • Another best way to switch to Automation career is getting promoted in the current company with selenium certification.

Start stepping towards your dream career today with the leading and on-demand automation testing training.

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Prasanthi Korada

Prasanthi currently writes for and, global training companies provide e-learning and certification.

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