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Earphone Amplifier Based on NE5532+TPA6120

July 30, 2020 by Catherine Sui

How to make a NE5532+TPA6120 Earphone Amplifier



NE5532+TPA6120 Earphone Amplifier 

Open source: GPL 3.0


Step 1: Description


1 Positive and negative double power input, LM317 and LM337 linear voltage stabilizer chip, voltage adjustable, TVS protective device, and power supply slow start are added in the power supply.

2 Ear amplifier adopts input of 3.5mm headphone interface, the output of 6.35mm headphone interface, two-stage amplification, 2 times of NE5532 amplification, 1 time of TPA6120 amplification.

3 The actual capacitance can be chosen according to the situation, the test function can be used, the effect is very good with low sensitivity earphone

Step 2: Power Part Schematic Files


All the schematic files are edited by EasyEDA, It is a free Online PCB design Tool which can generate Gerber files to JLCPCB, you can get your PCB sample manufactured by $2 for 5 pcs.

Step 3: Amplifier Schematic File &PCB Design File


All the manufacture files enclosed can be modified if there is anything need to be modified.

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