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How to Make a Spiderman Web Shooter

August 29, 2020 by Catherine Sui

spiderman web shooter, if you have a better solution for it, it would be appreciated if you can share with me



Last weekend, I found a very interesting DIY project for Spiderman Emitter on Bilibili. It is so cool but seems it was popular, but this is the first time I know it can be DIYED, quite interesting, so I collect some ideas, I will show them one by one.

Today I will analyze it first.

Step 1: Start From Analysis


Thank you to JLCPCB for the manufacturing of the PCB by $2

Today we will take Spiderman Parker's web shooter as an example to analyze how we can make a spiderman web shooter Lol~

Step 2: Part 1

1 Spiderman web shooter, a high-tech way to compress large amounts of solution into levels and store it in a container of unknown materials that have unusually high compressive strength!

2 If the duration of the connection is not enough, can't stick to construction, if too long, stick to the building will immediately fall off because it has not solidified. Also, Spider-Man’s spider silk obviously cannot be too heavy, so the pressure that enters the spider’s silk will be more than 10 times the atmospheric pressure, which is difficult to complete with a watch-sized device, and ordinary metal can not withstand such pressure.

3 In fact, if you think about it carefully, you will know it. In theory, the spiderman web shooter is very easy to do. The circuit connection is the most basic series connection. The transmission principle can use air pressure, but the spider silk is a problem. I wonder if anyone has thought about it. In what time frame did the spider silk solidify?


Step 3: Part 2


4 Parker's transmitter button is not some kind of cut switch, but a switch. The switch turns on the transmitter motherboard CPU(For PCB prototype, please use JLCPCB ) to change the output frequency and power through electronic frequency conversion, and the output is transmitted to the spider silk container. Different currents can produce different net formations. The spider web shooter a gas pulse of spider silk material. It is similar to the air ring principle, and it emits like a smoke ring, and it is rotating.

5 First, the cobweb solution is a kind of artificially manufactured nano-material, which has a liquid appearance and is directly condensed into a subatomic form after high-energy compression. Then the spider silk container is activated by a variable frequency current to release the cobweb material in an instant, which is the first to transform from subatomic to atom, And then to gas, and then the gas produces violent friction with the atmosphere at a very high speed, and the heat causes the spider web material to quickly transform from gas to liquid, and then to solid.

6 The principle that a spider web can stick to the surface of an object is because the center of the spider web is hollow. The interior is hollow, so the cobweb material is completely isolated from the air by the solidified cobweb material, so it solidifies later, and the surface of the object is actually the unsolidified cobweb material from the hollow of the spider web!

Step 4: Part 3


Now I noticed kinds of Spiderman web shooters already can be found on the internet, but most of them are very easy, even do not relate to electronics, since it is a high tech product, I guess it should have a better solution soon.

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