Hope this article can help with you homemade DIY LED clock
LED 钟.jpeg

High precision LED electronic clock based on STM32

Step 1: Description


PCBs were designed and manufactured by JLCPCB by $2 for 5 pcs


1 0.8 inch large LED digital tube, clear display

2 Based on STM32F030F4P6 MCU

3 RTC clock IC adopts domestic SD3078, 3.8 PPM, annual error 2 min.

4 Temperature display

5 Optional alarm and hourly function

6 Optional automatic light sensing

Note: Source code is the TrueStudio project file, please use TrueStudio version 9.3.0 import. If you don't want to modify the source code, download the binaries directly via ST-Link

Step 2: Manufacture Files

Clock Schematic.png

Enclosed the Schematic file, PCB file, and BOM list

Catherine Sui