A low cost easy to re-make UVC Sterilizer for killing germs and stuff

So this is "UVC BOX" a low cost easy to make UVC Sterilizer which is made for sterilizing things like Smartphone, wallet, coins bills and possibly my AtBoy Retro Gaming Console- https://www.hackster.io/Oniichan_is_ded/atboy-minimal-retro-gaming-console-808bc1

its low costing because I've used some generic low costing parts like this plastic container or jewelry box which you can buy for very cheap, I designed the housing in Fusion360 and then 3D printed it. it fits onto the lid of the container perfectly.

The hardest part was getting the UVC LEDs, I found some on Utsource's website.

you can check UTSOURCE.net, they deal in all kinds of electronics components like for example Attiny84 and other electronic components that I'm using in this project.

after getting the UVC LEDs I solder them on some MCPCBs I made in past, basically, I connected them in parallel and provide them 3.3V for powering them.

After testing the LEDs, I made a setup which consists of total 6 Outputs and 1 Input, (5 for indication LEDs and 1 for UVC LED, 1 Input for button) and upload the code to my Attiny84 Breakout board Via Arduino as ISP setup

check out about this more from here- https://www.hackster.io/350166/getting-started-with-attiny84-c920ee

Code basically turns the indicator LED on in a chaser sequence (from 1 to 5) and then we can press the button for Toggling the UVC Led, UVC Led will stay ON for around 10 minutes and then turn OFF.

After testing this on a breadboard I designed and then etched a Custom PCB for this Project and assemble everything on it (watch the video for Assembly and basic Test result)

After that, I Hooked it up with my custom Arduino as ISP Programmer which I made a few weeks ago for Programing/Flashing MCUs; more about that here-https://www.hackster.io/Oniichan_is_ded/multiple-attiny85-13a-programmer-84adf8

I uploaded the UVC BOX sketch to the custom etched circuit and Tested it one last time by connecting Rocker Switch and Push-button with Lithium Cell with it.

after that, I glued the circuit inside the 3D printed Casing and Assemble everything together.

And that's it, In the V2 I will make a better encloser because this jewelry box container is not very durable (it will probably break in a few months of daily use)

Also, this setup is basically identical in working with the commercially available UVC sterilizer, the only difference is the price(this is cheaper)

For a better Tutorial of this project, watch the video-

I've Attached everything related to this project, leave a comment if you guys run into any problem.

Arnov Sharma
Just an Average Maker from India