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Molex Collaborates With logi.cals to Provide Next-Generation Solutions for Industry 4.0

December 10, 2019 by Luke James

In November, Molex announced its collaboration with logi.cals to empower the next generation of Industry 4.0 solutions.

Molex Incorporated is a leading US-based manufacturer and supplier of electronic, electrical, and fiber optic interconnection systems. In September 2013, Molex was purchased by Koch Industries for $7.2 billion and began operating as a subsidiary. Using Molex’s core strengths, Molex Industrial Automation Solutions 4.0 (IAS 4.0) provides a safe open platform to enable machine builders and system integrators to utilize Industry 4.0 in their designs. 

Specializing in engineering software for industrial automation, logi.cals GmbH produces state-of-the-art software for industrial plant planning, automation technology, and the process industry. The company is known for logi.CAD 3, an engineering software solution for creating controller applications for industrial automation. With its software, logi.cals streamlines the integration of control tailored precisely to the requirements of machine, plant, or enterprise. 


The Molex-logi.cals Collaboration

In November, Molex announced that it and logi.cals are collaborating to develop a simple and efficient engineering environment. This will form one of the core pillars for the Molex IAS 4.0 end-to-end solution which encompasses multiple layers in IT, Edge, OT, engineering tools, and operational applications. 

Modern industrial machines and factories, which together comprise part of Industry 4.0, require autonomous devices that are safe and secure, able to communicate with one another in real-time over a variety of different networks using open protocols.

Molex IAS 4.0 provides a solution to this need. 


Simplifying the Programming Environment

Riley Comini of Molex said, “By leveraging logi.cals software expertise, we have jointly developed the enhanced IAS4.0 solution offering safe and standard control in a distributed fashion along with engineering tools that create value for customers.”

Molex and logi.cals’ solution will help drive “a paradigm shift in the industrial automation world” by facilitating real-time machine-to-machine communication and connectivity to enterprise applications. 

The core of IAS 4.0 supports a vast range of systems and devices, from microcontrollers to multi-core industrial PCs, is highly scalable, provides a safe and secure control logic, facilitates multilateral real-time communications, can run on anything from a basic sensor to a highly complex device, and can be deployed physically or in the cloud. 

“Industrial manufacturing production areas and assembly lines require flexible and scalable control and communication, and safety at a very high level. We are very pleased to collaborate with Molex in developing a software solution to simplify the programming environment not only for control engineers but also for embedded and enterprise application developers,” said Michael Plankensteiner, CEO of logi.cals.

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