This paper mainly introduces the application fields of DSP technology and its application advantages.

This paper mainly introduces the application fields of DSP technology and its application advantages.

Application fields of DSP technology

Speech processing: speech coding, speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech enhancement, voice mail, voice storage, etc.

Image/Graphics: 2D and 3D graphics processing, image compression and transmission, image recognition, animation, robot vision, multimedia, electronic maps, image enhancement, etc.

Military: secure communications, radar processing, sonar processing, navigation, global positioning, frequency hopping radio, search and anti-search.

Instrumentation: spectrum analysis, function generation, data acquisition, seismic processing, etc.

Automatic control: control, deep space work, automatic driving, robot control, disk control, etc.

Medical: hearing aids, ultrasound equipment, diagnostic tools, patient monitoring, electrocardiograms, etc.

Household appliances: digital audio, digital television, videophone, music synthesis, tone control, toys and games.

Biomedical signal processing examples:

CT: Computer tomography apparatus. (In which the invention of the head CT British EMI company's Hausfield won the Nobel Prize.)

CAT: Computer X-ray space reconstruction device. A whole body scan, a stereoscopic picture of the heart activity, a foreign body of the brain tumor, and a reconstruction of the human torso image appear.

ECG analysis.

Application advantages of DSP technology

(1) Powerful image processing, computing and control capabilities to adapt to the needs of smart and converged applications

Efficient video processing, simultaneous signal processing and control tasks to meet the needs of intelligent applications; its converged architecture enables: multi-format audio, video, language and image processing; multi-mode baseband and packet processing; control processing and real-time safety.

(2) High performance/price ratio, performance/power ratio, performance/area ratio

ADI's new processor set performance goals, not only the DSP's clock frequency and processing power, but also other aspects that the processor must provide, such as cost-performance ratio, performance-to-power ratio, and performance area ratio. ADI will continue to improve the performance of the Blackfin series and enhance their performance and price performance through the latest CMOS deep sub-micron process scale, deeper pipeline, multi-core, more computing units per core, and full use of signal processing acceleration engines. Leading position in terms of power consumption.

(3)Software development upgrades and extensions

Previous and future generations of DSP products have compatibility of software and development environment to save time and cost in design upgrades.

(4) The chip has high quality and can guarantee high reliability and stable operation of the system.

DSP chip quality, temperature range, anti-interference ability, etc., can adapt to a variety of environmentally demanding applications. See a specified model ADSP-21161NKCA-100

(5) World-class development tools and a large number of local third-party partners

In addition to designing and manufacturing software and hardware development tools, you should also support third-party partners to design local development tools and system solutions.


In fact, DSP technology has become the driving force of the entire semiconductor industry, because in the new era that the Internet and multimedia applications can be accessed anytime and anywhere, DSP has become the underlying technology.  

Emma Swift