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PIC16F1824 Development Board

Prototype PIC16F1824 Development Board

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Recently I have sourced a whole bunch of PIC16F1824 chips and found that I wanted an easy way to set up a development board to utilize this chip with external circuitry. I have gone through 9 revisions of the board initially starting with a specific board for the project I was working on, and later changing to a generic development board. My latest revision supports and SPI bus, a programming header, and LED indications for power, programming, and SPI data. I am attaching all of my eagle designs and schematics for anyone who would like to move forward with them. I was hoping to source ideas for version 2.0 as well since I would like to make this a useful little board for future projects. I would like to make this open hardware so any question any one has I will try my best to answer. I also have included pictures in my attached archive to give you a better idea as to how I have been creating these boards. I currently am doing a toner transfer method which I have been trying to perfect. My end goal is to be able to create prototype boards with revision after revision until I am happy with the design. Then I would like to send the design off to a service like 'OSH Park' for proper fabrication.


I couldn't quite get the upload to work because the ZIP archive seems to big, so I am hosting the files at file factory for download. Here is the link,
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