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PLC interactive lights

PLC interactive lights

DIY automatic stair lights using PLC

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This ladder logic program could be used to drive a strip of ten lights placed along a stair. Controlled by photocells at the ends of the stair, the lights turn on and off progressively with a sequence related to your walking direction.
At each end of the stair there are two photocells, in order to generate a count signal and prevent the lights from getting dark when someone is still walking on the stair.
The relays from 1 to 5 is supposed to perform the count.
Timers from T1 to T10 drive the lights from L1 to L10; timers from T1A to T10A drive the lights from L10 to L1.
The program has been simulated with the educational version of TRiLOGI software, without using the PLC.
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Basic ladder logic

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