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Portable stereo 2024, project 2

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The portable stereo I built is great when I'm working in an area where I can sit it down but I often find myself doing things that require me to move between areas so I wanted something that could move with me. I tried a headset MP3 player but it just wasn't satisfactory (whoever thought that using the same button for volume+, pause, skip to next track and power on/off was an idiot)

But I had some 100 x 60 x 25mm project boxes (a good size to carry in a my pocket) and a spare FM/MP3 player module that would fit in one of them....

B21 FM-MP3 - 4 (cropped).JPG

Now how would I power it? We have some older (= smaller capacity) power banks that we seldom use...
But even if I put the module even with one edge of the box there wasn't quite enough room for one of them, especially with a USB plug plugged in.
But if I took one of them apart the 18650 and controller board would fit nicely.

I've discussed my methods of laying out and cutting holes before and this is a pretty small (pun intended) project so I'll cut directly to the box with (nearly) all of the holes done (I added the one for the power switch later). I think filing the holes for the USBs was the hardest part of the project.
01 - Holes in case.jpg

And assembled:
I spent a bit of time on how to hold the power bank board in place. In the end I salvaged a screw post from something in the E-waste box for that. I tapped it to accept an M3 x 15mm flat head screw and cut a slot to engage with the edge of the board.
The white object across the top is a brace to hold the headphone jack in place (I didn't want to glue it in case I need to take it apart later).
The 18650 is held in place with a dab of silicone sealant.
02 - Inside assembled.jpg

And the finished project.
03 - Finished.jpg

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