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The independent catapult

3D printed catapult that used stepper motors for reloading and launching bullets. Uses ESP-NOW to communicate with remote control unit.

Project Log

My first project on learning to work with stepper motors. The project uses:

The catapult:
1 x ESp32
2 x 28BYJ-48 Stepper motor
2 x Limit switches
powered by USB-C connector

Remote control:
1 x Nodemcu (ESP8266)
1 x LedButton
powered by 4xNiMH batteries

I wanted to learn to use stepper motors and what better way to do it than make a self reloading catapult? Using 28BYJ-48 stepper motors made the catapult a bit less powerful and slow than I would have liked but nonetheless it was a good learning experience. The part design was also pretty horrible for 3D printing. Some parts were too weak at first and printing the "railing" for the ammunition was a challenge for sure.

I also wanted to have remote control for the machine so it was natural to use what I had in hand. ESP32 for the catapult and Nodemcu ESP8266 for the remote control button. The wireless ESP-NOW was pretty easy to get working. The most challenging part about that was building a working and fast communication between main unit and the remote control.

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