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Thermal print head for a parking management system based on Raspberry Pi pico and HMI

Thermal printers are very common in our daily life, and there are examples of thermal printers in restaurants, parking lots and shopping. This article will focus on the application of thermal printers in parking systems.

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Materials to be used


The control function is displayed on the serial screen, the main interface selects the floor, after entering the main interface selects the parking space, at the same time it will display the parking space number in the text box on the top right, then selects the stay time, it is two scrolling text selectors, then also the same will display the order information in the text box on the top right, according to the fixed unit price which multiplies with the stay time to get the total price. Then only when the parking space and the stay time are selected, you can go to the payment button, otherwise it is invalid. After entering the payment screen, a coin acceptor will be used. Then the screen will show the number of coins to be put in and the number of coins already put in. After the coins have been put in, a payment success message will be displayed. Then you can choose to print a small ticket to print the place number and time on the thermal paper.

Design the circuit

I have design a circuit by myself in order to drive many components, and the overall circuit diagram is like this, the upper left corner is the communication socket and power supply socket, below there is a buzzer (not actually used in the circuit), there is a light-emitting diode on the right, and the lower right corner is a 30pin fpc for connecting the print head.


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