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UV LED PCB Lithography Exposure Unit

Using 1 watt UV LED's to expose and develop PCB for rapid prototyping.

Project Log

Received some goodies in the mail from our brethren in the Far East today :p

I have never tried photolithography for producing PCB's, so I figured for a few bucks, I could give it a go. I used twenty 1w 395nM UV emitting LED's mounting on aluminum PCB which I then mounted with a heat sink epoxy to some aluminum strips. I think I will encase those in a wooden box to prevent stray UV rays from exiting the targeted area. I am waiting on my driver to arrive to do a test before building the box.




The driver arrived so I cobbled up a box and mounted the aluminum to the bottom. All lights are go on first test :)

Final on build

Built a box and lid from leftover ply, lined the inside with aluminum foil, cut the glass, installed the electronics, reattached the back lid, attached rubber feet and reused an old scanner's lid cushion (white plastic on one side, black foam on the other). Cost ~ $25, time ~ 8 hours.
I think I will call it the UV-anator - the kids liked the name!




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