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Component suppliers


Digikey variety of passives and semiconductors. Overseas shipping is expensive!
Mouser Digikey but also tools etc
Newark Element 14
Allied Electronics affiliate of rs-components
Jameco "Wide range of components; great catalogue and service"
Radio Shack component range; many stores
Fry’s Electronics products than components
Electronics Goldmine "Neat stuff; hard-to-find components"
MPJA "Lots of tools; great service"
BG Micro "Oddball stuff; fast response"
Futurlec has PCB manufacturing and other services
All Electronicshttp://www.allelectronics.comCalifornia; they deal in surplus; recommended by DoubleDogDan
MCM products than parts; maker stuff; security
Full Compass audio/video; lighting; musical instruments
Proto Advantage "Supplies an extensive line of SMT to DIP adapter boards."
Sparkfun KJ6EAD: "Arduino and other microcontrollers and their accessories primarily aimed at the hobbyist and student market. Also has Lilypad and other artistic electronic supplies."
Adafruit KJ6EAD: "Arduino and other microcontrollers and accessories."
Circuit Specialists KJ6EAD: "Professional and hobby electronic supplies. Notable as a source of excellent Syntax prototyping PCBs."
The Fiber Optic Store KJ6EAD: "Plastic optical fiber products for art."
Madisound "A very good speaker supply place."
Parts Express DoubleDogDan: "General electronics, especially audio."
Fair Radio Sales "Funky "old school"/Ham radio/military electronics surplus."


Digikey UK
Mouser UK
Farnell / Element 14 range of components
CPC Farnell "Like a big Maplin; was bought by Farnell"
RS Online range of components
Arrow Europe
Maplin range of components; many stores
Bitsbox says "good prices; delivery cheap and normally next day"
Microchip Direct
Rapid Online
ESR "ESR are worth a visit"


Arcade du
Conrad France "Domain available in many european countries (DE, BE...)"
Electronique Diffusion
Espace Composant Électronique
henri "Reliable service"
Lextronicwww.lextronic.frOLIVE2222: "Reliable service"
Radiospares (RS)
Reichelt Elektronik
RF Electronica
Selectronicwww.selectronic.frOLIVE2222: "Reliable service"
Sim radio é
SOS "Good prices on Simcom range"
St Quentin Radio
Tigal "Reliable service"


Element 14http://au.element14.comWide range
RS Australia range; free shipping within Australia
Jaycar range of components than Dick Smith; local stores
Dick Smith Electronics range of components; local stores
Rockby Electronic Components
Oatley Electronics
Futurlechttp://www.futurlec.comAlso has PCB manufacturing and other services


Solarboticshttps://solarbotics.comCanada (ships to US); Supercap2F: "Lots of motors and sensors"

If anyone has additions, or can provide comments (e.g. size and focus of products carried, chain of stores vs. e-order only) that would be useful to potential buyers, please comment via the Discussion tab, or PM KrisBlueNZ.[/td][/tr]
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