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12 volt to A/C converter?



Jan 1, 1970
I am new here, but I have a question that ought be readily answerable.

Have this RCA AC/DC TV that only has the auto 12 volt plug with it.

I picked it up used on ebay, and the cost for the A/C plug was more than the
TV. So, I am hesitant to pull that trigger.

Here's what I need, if you care to look:

So maybe there is a device that steps up the car's 12 volt to 120 (is that a
transformer?) or, better yet, a device that plugs into my wall, and then
that cigarette lighter into it.

I think my first stop might be Radio Shack, because those people are
freaking geniuses. But, the Internet is easier, right now.

Thanks in advance,