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2 piezo pickups on Schatten preamp


Feb 7, 2019
Feb 7, 2019
Hi, I need help, I apologize in advance for my low level English ...

I bought the "Schatten micropre 2" buffer, and connected its output to the input of the built-in Fishman 501T preamp of my guitar.

I applied the diagram in figure 7 of this pdf:

so I can make the independent blend of the 2 piezos pickups that I put into the Schatten input.

The problem is that the diagram works fine only if I go directly to the P.A system, but I must first go through the Fishman preamp of my guitar (because it has the tuner, the EQ, and other controls),practically in the chain:

buffer schatten --- fishman preamp --- guitar amplifier / P.A.

Without the Fishman everything is fine,but the problem is that with the Fishman preamp the sound comes out of it only if the master volume of the diagram of figure 7 is in a narrow range of 5-10k Ohm, about from 400 to 410k Ohm, or from 90 to 100k Ohm, it depends how you measure it.

Nothing can be heard for all the other shaft positions,practically for 99% of the shaft positions.

I measured with the tester, and with the shaft down and the top upwards the resistance from lug 1 to lug 2 of the 500k Ohm log pot is 400k Ohm, from lug 2 to lug 3 is 100k Ohm.

Can you solve it using another pot?

Or is it impossible to chain the buffer to the preamp input?


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