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20" monitor hi-voltage failure [2082das philips based chassis]



Jan 1, 1970
Hi all, first of all, I apologize for my bad english, feel free to correct
my errors so I can improve it :))

Let's go: I've a 20" monitor Olivetti DSM 27-120 (sept. 1992) with a fault
in the hi-voltage stage; this fault is shown in its nice LCD display.
Serching the web & google, I've discovered that this monitor is based on
Philips 2082das chassis, so, as next step, I've found a block-scheme of the
2082das, not a real schematic, only a block diagram, it seems the service of
this monitor is done by pcb exchange :( Searching again and more deeply with
google, I've read all the messages about this and similar monitor typical
fault (including the replies by Steve Bell, that seems very much skilled
about this monitor family :) but no luck. The hi-voltage pcb is contained in
a metal box; as first check, and I've desoldered and the F801 fuse (1 A
rated) and it's ok, next step was unplugging the hi-voltage pcb at X905-X803
and measuring the voltage on the connector on the main board: I've found the
right voltages on pin 9 (18 V) an 10 (76 V), but the 4.8 V on pin 5 of X803
is absent, I don't know if this lack is due to the unplugged connector but I
doubt it's the reason.
Obviously I've read the proper monitor repair faq (discovering a part of the
vertical joke schematics:), but this kind of problem (and my question) is
very specific and monitor type related.

If someone (maybe Steve Bell??) can help me to track & solve the failure
I'll be very grateful!!!
Thanks in advance.

Bye, JSP.