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2007 China RFID Industry Annual Awards



Jan 1, 1970
China's RFID market reached more than $500 million in 2007, growing
over 50 percent in comparison of previous year; the trend is expected
to continue for the next three years. According to IDTechEx, China has
become the world's largest market for RFID by value, thanks to huge
government spending on China's national ID card program and
investments for the Beijing 2008 Olympics. The release of regulations
for UHF 800/900 RFID; the first RFID company went to public; the
planning and establishment of RFID industrial parks in Dongguang,
Fushan, Shenyang, Shandong and other cities, all these signs forecasts
a brilliant perspective for RFID industry in China.

Dec 26, 2007, RFIDWorld China and RFID China Alliance launched a big,
non-profit RFID event - 2007 China RFID Industry Annual Awards - to
review and summarize the developments achieved in the past year and
give RFID vendors who make a great contribution to the industry a
chance to get recognition from the RFID community. Supported by China
Federation of Logistics & Purchasing, China Information Industry Trade
Association, UID Center china, GD-HK RFID Alliance, RFID Shanghai
Alliance, RFID Dongguang Alliance and other RFID organizations, as
well as some of the most authoritative and popular IT medias, such as
CCW World, IT Manager, ENET, and etc, the event is the first and the
biggest of its kind, offering a comprehensive view of the current
status of China's RFID Industry.

"It's the biggest and most authoritative voting, it will have a
positive impact on RFID industry and consumer RFID education through
encouraging RFID companies to participate, sharing their information
and experiences," said Weiqi Yang, RFIDWorld China's president, "No
other RFID industry event offers more learning, and makes available
more resources for people who want to get an insight into RFID market
in China".

The Awards fall into five categories: 2007 China RFID Industry Top 10
Applications - For real-world applications which show the greatest
innovation in using RFID technology and set up an excellent example to
follow; "2007 China RFID Industry Top 10 Vendors" - For vendors who
has technical leadership in RFID and have significant impact on the
industry; 2007 China RFID Industry Top 10 Products - For products
which use innovative technology or make a breakthrough in its areas;
2007 China RFID Industry Top 10 Events - For applications which push
ahead the progress of RFID development or speed up the widespread of
RFID adoptions.

This event is embraced by RFID manufacturers, system integrators,
organizations and end uses, and attracts almost all well-known RFID
vendors to participate. After a careful scrutiny, 37 RFID vendors, 25
applications, 32 events and 35 products were selected from hundreds of
applicants as candidates.

The participated vendors are listed as follow: Fudan Microelectronics,
Invengo, Belling, Aerospace Golden Card, Sense Technology, Super
Ele&Tec, Quanray Electronics, Sinogistics, Kiloway, Codetag, Keystone
Technology, Raifu Intelligent, Best Technology, CVIC Intelligent, ASK-
TongFang, Haidali, Intcard, 30San, Spring Technology, Jie Xun, HIFA,
Refine Technology, Sunrise-Tag Software, Hopela, BIS Group, Sunrise,
DDCT Technology, Hyan Microelectronics, New Power Communication,
Cantechs, Beijing Golden Spring, FUTIANDA and AIT.

The products submitted cover a wide range of frequencies (125KHz,
13.56MHz, 433 MHz, 915MHz, 2.45GHz), and include all kind of RFID
products, such as RFID chip, label, reader, middleware, software,
label converter, RFID tag testing device and RFID system.

The events submitted list the major activities happened in the
industry that influences the process of RFID development and
promotion, such as government's new policies and measurements; new
RFID technologies and innovative products. For examples, RFID tickets
of Beijing 2008 Olympics are on sale; the release of regulations for
UHF 800/900 RFID; Invengo goes to public; Beijing Capital Airport
completes the implementation of RFID baggage system; Quanray
Electronics releases the first EPC C1 Gen2 RFID chip in China; the
emergence of NFC technology.

The applications submitted involve retail, Health Care, Pharmacy,
Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics, Apparel & Footwear, Library,
Defense, Animal, Cigarette and Airport. For examples, the national ID
card program; the national railcars automatic identification project;
RFID in 2007 Special Olympics International, Guang Zhen railway adopts
RFID ticket; million of bus in Beijing use RFID system to detect and
control the amount of exhaust gas; students in colleges and
universities use RFID card to enjoy the discount of train ticket.

The awards will be determined by votes from Internet and a
distinguished group of independent judges. The judges are all RFID
experts and have many years of precious experience in RFID, leaded by:
Dingyi Dai Vice President of China Federation of Logistics &
Qingyun Dai Vice Principal of Information Engineering College of
Guangdong University of Technology
Dalei Huang CTO of Cosco Network
Shengli Lai Supervisor of Ph. D. candidate of South China
University of Technology
Ying Li President of GD-HK RFID Alliance
Dong Wang General Secretary of ShangHai RFID Alliance
Feng Wei Director of Ministry of Communication's Logistics &
Transportation Center
Junfang Zeng Deputy Director of Institute of Automation Chinese
Academy of Sciences
Shouqin Zhou Director of CIMC Smart and Security Research Center
Ziwen Zhang President of ROSETTANE China

The Internet voting portal is,
from which visitors can find detailed information about the candidates
and vote for their favorite vendors, applications, products and

The awards will be announced on Jan 16, 2008, the result will be
published on RFIDWorld China ( and other
mainstream IT, Logistics, Transport, Safety & Security, Manufacturing,
Au-ID websites and newspapers.