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21" monitor with FIMI chassis C2182DAS and High Voltage failure



Jan 1, 1970
Hi all, I've an old 21" monitor based on C2182DAS chassis (20" trinitron
picture tube); the error shown by its LCD display was "Gen. Failure" due to
a 2sk1544 nmos shorted in Horizontal joke circuit; I've replaced the failed
nmos, the 22 nF 1600 V capacitor ad the bjt that act as driver. Now the
power supply works well (all leds are on and the voltages are ok) but I've a
new error: "high voltage failure" :-(
The eat circuit is in a metal can: in this can there are the transormer and
the driver electronic; I don't have the schematics but I know there are here
many expert technicians so any help is greatly appreciated to solve this
failure :)

Best regards