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27" Toshiba tv/vcr combo model:CV27D48 chassis:TAC-9480

27" Toshiba stereo tv/vcr combo model:CV27D48 (vcr model:650TVK made
by Daewoo),chassis:TAC-9480,year:Jan 1995.UL listed:216V,CSA File
Problem: tv turns on then shuts off again (sometimes it turns on stays
working fine) I soldered R416=3.3 K ohm,5w (B+ for horizontal driver
x-fmr) which had cracked solder but problem still present.The customer
had the same problem along time ago and I noticed that several of the
power supply electrolytics were soldered but it seems that they were
the originals not replaced I assume someone ESR'ed them.
I don't have an ESR meter does anyone have any common repair tips for
this fault?.I cleaned the mode switch in the vcr.Thanks in advance.

Dartmouth,Nova Scotia