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4029 Counter


Frank Taylor

Jan 1, 1970
I've been messing around with digital electronics over the last couple
of days and I seem to have run into a problem.
I have a 5v power supply (basically built from the instructions here: ), except I
used a DC plugpack, so I omitted the rectifier diodes.
I built a circuit to eliminate switch contact bounce using a 4049 (shown
), and connected the output to the clock of a 4029 counter.
I put 4 LEDs running through 1k resistors on the outputs of the 4029,
and when I turn the power on they seem to turn on randomly, but when I
push the button nothing happens.
I have the 5v supply going to the Vdd pin, the Vss pin grounded, the
UP/DN and BIN/DEC pins high (5v supply).
Any ideas what I've done wrong? Thanks