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40KW to stabilize

Sometimes, I go to visit a friend of mine at work, and it's seem a
discoteque: he has a "thing" that use 35KW pulsing; also the others in
the same building, like light and neon, PULSING

Electric company doesn't know a good solution about, but it seems
impossible to me...

There are stabilizators that can solve? or something like 3/4 giant
condenser before light line?



Jan 1, 1970
I would guess that this pulsing equipment needs to be wired on a separate
phase to the normal lighting circuit. If that's not possible, there are
such things as constant voltage transformers that the normal lights could be
fed through but they're probably hard to get and expensive. We use a few at
work for up to about 5kW 3 phase.