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433MHz remote powerplug - Copy the remote


Jan Nielsen

Jan 1, 1970

Ok, topic may seem like I want to copy someones design, that is not the
I want to trigger the radio controlled powerplugs without using the
remote, so I can integrate it in my own hobby projects, to make a safe
230Vac relay.

I have a 433MHz remote power system which works fine.
I would like to act as the remote with a PICAXE and a tx module.
I have already tested that I can recieve something when the remove is
pressed to make sure its the same freq.

My biggest problem is how to determine what is the correct baud rate,
and how many bytes to recieve at a time to read what it sends.

The remote is a SARTANO one, with no real model info on it, the printing
circuit says KT6899TX.

Alternativly I can mod the remove to trigger it, but the fake sender
would be a neat project.

Any hints would be nice.