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5V and 12V from cigarette lighter socket

Hi everyone,

I want to know if it is possible to have a dual power supply coming
from the cigarette socket in your car. I need to have a 5V and a 12V
supply for a motherboard (EBX form factor) that I want in my car. What
I would really like is to have one cable into the box that is holding
the computer, which will then split into the two required voltages.

Thanks in advance,



Jan 1, 1970
--All parts available at Radio Shack; I'm doing this to run
various Stamp applications on a small art car. Getcher self one of
those cigarette lighter 3-way splitters, then plug in the various
transformers that RS also has, to change voltages as needed.
Yeah, I thought of that, wouldn't it also be possible then to run the
one cable (12V) from the car into the computer box, and then split the
voltage through two wires (like the splitter) to regulate one line down
to 5V and keep one at 12V? That way, if I need to run it out of the
car, all I need is a 12V DC supply?