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A cool Unit converter wit autocomplete input text box



Jan 1, 1970
Checkout this cool unit converter gadget with auto complete text box
that I just submitted to Google. It understands input as mathematical
expression involving any combination of units (i.e. m/s^2 to km/hour^2
etc.) so virtually any custom unit conversion can be done in a user
friendly text box.
I will appreciate any feedback from the community.

Gadget location on Google:

Gadget location on my website is:


The web site is still in kind of developing mode. I want to create a
users supported website where units and the units related information
can be added/deleted/edited by authorized users. As you would see, I
have tried to tie any user input back to the given unit information
page where more reference information (Wikipedia etc) can be found.
(Note: not all the unit information pages have been populated with
reference information yet!)