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A different kind of motion sensing security light?


The Daring Dufas

Jan 1, 1970
About 11 years ago I took on a project to design and build prototype
quantities of a battery-operated, programmable, video camera based
outdoor wild animal recording system.

Of necessity it required a long-range PIR sensor to wake up the system
and start recording the animal's activities while in view, and I
successfully executed that design, including the optics and

Therefore, your claim that I have no industrial experience is
baseless, and instead of my swinging through the trees beating my
chest, your posting history smacks of that it's much more likely you
sit in front of a monitor beating your meat.

You helped the DEA catch a lot of pot growers. ^_^


The Daring Dufas

Jan 1, 1970
--- OUCH!!! :-(

A friend of mine worked for a local company that put together custom
built electronics for a lot of different customers back in the 1980's.
One of the projects was taking off the shelf video cameras and recorders
built into a weatherproof package with a magnetic detector to video any
unauthorized vehicles visiting coal mine sites. Law enforcement was also
a customer for the item including another variation built into a fake
pole mounted power transformer to be mounted outside the home of any
sort of suspect. An anonymous unsuspicious bucket truck comes out and
mounts the setup which actually draws power from the power line so
there are no batteries. Makes you kind of wonder what sort of hidden
cameras the spooks have hidden around your town. ^_^



Jan 1, 1970
I think he just did the same thing most (if not all) pigs do.

The Daring Dufas

Jan 1, 1970
Cell towers are ubiquitous in some areas; on buildings, towers, etc.
I wonder if it is possible that 'dummy' antennas could operate as
tempest monitoring stations. But otherwise, the degree of electronics
miniaturization that has occurred means that it should be possible to
manufacture spy-enabled passive components that could be relatively
easily substituted in just about anything, and remember that things
like TVs and such never really turn off.

I worry less about video surveillance than audio, but MEMS devices
will eventually advance to the point where microscopic bugs will be
able to crawl or fly into a residence and set up a fairly
comprehensive spying network. All of which is an NSA/CIA wet-dream
scenario, so they're probably working on it.


Uncle Steve

I buy gear from Supercircuits Inc. and there are all sorts of covert
cameras you can by from them. Good grief, the cameras in cellphones are
so tiny you would expect them to be available as components to build any
sort of surveillance system. The stuff Supercircuits sells would have
been science fiction not that many years ago. ^_^