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a digital overhead projector

We are a group of people from the Faroese business school, working
with the project European Business Game. European Business Game is a
game where a fictional company is started, and we work on making a
fictional product. Our project is manufacturing a new overhead
projector, which will replace the old and out of date overhead
projector, which we use in our office's and schools today. Our idea is
that this overhead projector will have a built in scanner, and will be
linked directly to a data/video projector, is there any better idea?.
This way the user will have the opportunity to put paper, books and
similar items directly on a wall, without the need of a computer. The
overhead projector will be the size of a laptop, and will be easy to
move. The overhead projector will be easy to use, and the users aren't
in the need of a computer to show a presentation.
We are in need of someone to manufacture our product, and we would be
very happy if you could guide us to someone we can talk further with.
all information is welcome