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A resistor at 150 °

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Francesco Piantedosi

Jan 1, 1970
Hi all,
I have to buil a circuit to use a resistor as a heater; what I want is
to use this resistor to heat a surface at 150 °C.

My first problem is to choose right resistor(I have ONLY 15 mm diameter)
able to dissipate this heat power without crash!

The second problem is design ctemperature control circuit...the
sensor(LM35 or lm45) should be in contact with surface I have to heat
and give feedback to power supply of my resistor...any ideas?


guy pastuzak

Jan 1, 1970
hi all

I think the best for this kind of application could be, for instance

Maybe you will have to transform a bit, one or more of them.

I suppose the surface to heat is metal.
lm35, in metal case, could be fixed to that surface.

lm35 is rated up to 150°C

good luck