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Absolute Pressure Sensor For SPL Metering

Delta Prime

Jul 29, 2020
Jul 29, 2020
Hi, would anyone know how to measure decibels with absolute pressure sensor? 10-100hz range. Something similar to
I would know,but I'm not anyone.
The energy of sound or Sound pressure level is dependent on the microphone frequency response.
All microphones have one thing in common a diaphragm.
With the appropriate microphone one uses a sound level meter.
The meter itself uses a frequency
weighting curve.
The human ear perceives the same level of sound pressure at
1,000Hz "louder" than at 100Hz.
You won't hear crap at 10HZ but the water molecules in your body would vibrate if the sound pressure level was high enough. You will feel it,not hear it.
Frequency weighting in sound pressure measurement is defined by IEC 61672. you want to go pro?
Do you want to go hobbyist?
Do you know how to read schematics?
Do you know how to solder?
Would you like to make your own or would you like to buy it off the shelf?