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Adding bigger battery to eBike tracker


Sep 28, 2022
Sep 28, 2022

I am a real beginner at electronics so excuse me if my questions are to simple :).

I want to add a bigger battery to my eBike tracker.

The ebike battery provides 12v only when it is switched on (so when I am riding it) When it does not move for some time it switches off. The tracker then stays live for about 5 hours which is to little. It has a 3,7v 60 mAh Lippo and I want it to be 3.7V 1500 mAh Lipo. The problem is that I am afraid that the tracker cannot load such a much bigger battery fast enough. So I want to add a seperate load circuit.

I attached a drawing of my idea.

My questions are:

- Could I just ( after removing the old battery) connect the new battery to the tracker AND conect the new loader with 500mAh load parallel to the same battery? The tracker loads with about 50mAh. So without the relay in the drawing which is NC (open when the new loader has power, closed when the eBike is off).

-If the relay is better can this be done with a solidstate relay? Which?. The ones I found are all NO (normaly open) which is just wrong.

-tracker ebike.jpg