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Adding primitive devices to SPICE3 source



Jan 1, 1970
I want to add a "smoothly transitioning" switch device to my SPICE3F5
simulator. There should be a smooth transition between Ron and Roff as
the controlling voltage is swept between Von and Voff. What I
really want is to replicate the behavior of the VSWITCH device in

I have the "Adding device to SPICE3" document out of Berkeley, which
merely describes how to integrate your C code into the SPICE source
code. It doesn't talk about how to create the actual model. Do I need
to think about as "matrix-stampable" components? Which derivatives do
I need? I need to know something about analog modeling in spice using

I also have the option of writing an XSPICE code model, but it too has
poor support.

Can anyone point me to the right book or document?