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Advice needed.. PMT



Jan 1, 1970
I'm working on a project now where I want to observe dark current
pulses on a PMT. The output from a PMT can be considered a almost pure
current source ( I've read) and I'm trying to figure out the best
electronics to put between the anode and my scope. I'm configuring the
tube as pulse mode to be used with a scintillator,so I have it as
cathode grounded, and for starters I have a coupling capacitor just
after the anode output. OK, several questions...
Do I need a preamp or should I go straight into an op amp and if so
what op amp is best? From my meager knowledge i have read a
transimpedence op amp may be what I'm looking for as it takes a
current and converts to voltage, and has the advantage of high slew
rates which I like as these current pulses are in the 5 to 20 ns
range. Before I go further with a scintillator,I would like to
understand the nature of noise in these tubes and would like to build
the electronics to do this. I have read the Hamamatsu handbook on this
but in my opinion they did not give as much attention to pulse mode
electronics as they did analogue operation. Does anyone have any
experience with this or any suggestions? Any help would be
appreciated. jack

Dana Raymond

Jan 1, 1970
I know this isn't what you asked about... Just wanted to throw in my 2

Many PMT tube manufacurers have amplifier assemblies available for purchase
(also power supplies, RS232 readout converters, etc).

Just in case this is a one off and you are willing to Buy instead of Build!

Dana Frank Raymond