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Advice on minimal test/programming equipement primarily for digital devices



Jan 1, 1970
Can anyone guide me in acquiring test equipment for use with digital
devices? I am a novice in the field of electronics and currently own
a PC(linux), a digital multimeter and a solder iron. I would like to
acquire programming and test equipment primarily for building digital
circuits. At the moment I want to program and test EEPROMs. My
understanding is that I will most likely need:
1. power supply
2. programming board
3. oscilloscope

Is it at all possible to forget the oscilloscope and use some sort of
computer program/minimal hardware to use as an oscilloscope? As
always, I don't have much money or room for extra equipment. Lastly,
any advice on programming boards is highly appreciated. I want to
keep things simple so I don't need state of the art equipment. I want
reliable, straightforward and (hopefully) linux based solution. Thank
you for your time.