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Allegro 2916B Dual Full Bridge PWM Motor Driver



Jan 1, 1970
I'm trying to drive a bi-polar motor with this chip.

There is a Phase, 2 currents and a Vref for each "H-Bridge."

Is it mandatory to use all of these inputs in order to get any output ?

The app notes state:
The UDN2916B is a 24 pin dual inline plastic batwing package with copper
lead-frame and heat sinkable tabs for improved power dis.. capabilities.

For PWM (pulse width modulation) control, the max out currentt is determened
by the user selection of reference voltage and sensing resistor.

2 Logic level inputs (I0 and I1) allow digital selection of the motor
winding current at 100%, 67% 33% or 0% of the max level per the table

Current control truth table

I0 I1 Out Current

L L Vref/10Rs=Itrip 100%
H L Vref/15Rs = 2/3 Itrip 66%
L H 33%
H H 0 %

General : The PHASE input to each bridge determines the
direction motor winding current flows.

The fast currentt decay is desireable in half-step and high-speed
applications. The PHASE, I0 and I1 inputs float high.