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Amplifier stability and compensation

Hi guys, I've a project on amplifier stability and compensation. I'm
about half way through it now, anyboody got any info or anything
interesting. It's a fairly simple project, what i have to do is complie
notes that will be used to teach 3rd year electronics students about
amplifier stability.

The next stage is where i create four one-hour lab session to
demonstrate how to;

calculate the loop-gain,
show how the loop gain varies with frequency,
show how a amplifier becomes unstable,
demonstrate how to stabilise it.

I haven't completely decided on these labs so if anybody thinks they'd
do it differently please let me know.

I've already decided that i'm going to use simple op-amp circuits in
these labs. What i need to do is create these circuits. Does anyboddy
have any examples / suggestions/ ideas on what circuits would suit the