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Analog-Digital-Converter device for telephone wanted ?


Pete Simpson

Jan 1, 1970
I want to implement something like an answering machine resp. a remembering machine.
Therefore I want to connect my computer with my telephone line through an appropriate device.

On my computer I want to call a program and pass e.g. an *.mp3 file with voice text/stuff. This
prgram should contact/activate in turn the external device and dial the passed telephone number
and transfer the original diginal mp3 data as analog voice to the recipient at the end of the telephone line.


mp3->program->computer->USB->??? device->telephone-line->recipient

Does someone know such a device?

A normal soundcard does not work for that purpose because
- the connectors are incompatible,
- the amplify level (in dB) between sc-out and telephone-in are different
- and the latency time seems too big.

The digital->analog converter can be included in the device hardware or included in the prorgam.

All recommendations are appreciated.



Jan 1, 1970
Do a google on PC answering machine. Lots of options to do what you want.

Kevin Tracy