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Angle of PV Panels

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RST Engineering \(jw\)

Jan 1, 1970
I realize that it is a continually shifting target, but how do I calculate
the most efficient angle of elevation as a function of latitude for summer
and winter positions on a two-position mounting rack.


George Ghio

Jan 1, 1970
The best specialist tools you can get are a piece of chewing gum(pre
chewed) and a matchbox. These are used as follows.

Mid Summer;

1. At noon place chewing gum on one side of panel frame.
2. Place one end of matchbox on chewing gum.
3. Adjust angle until no shadow appears above or below the matchbox.
4. Panels are now square on to the sun.
5. Mark frame for future reference.

Repeat Mid Winter.

Steve Spence

Jan 1, 1970
GMM50 said:
Is that really the best angle for max power?
I would of thought that slightly less would capthed more AM and PM

Also here's a link to another take on the subject.


Solar noon is when you want to make your left/right adjustments. up/down
(angle) has everything to do with latitude and time of year. You don't
want early morning late afternoon sun as there is less power in that
light. It travels further through the atmosphere. go for direct solar
noon, and solar south.