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Are pioneer car cd changer displays compatible?


Brent P

Jan 1, 1970
My pioneer CDX-FM1287 car cd changer refuses to power on to play. I
can eject and load the cartridge just fine and it goes through the CDs
just fine. I've checked the display unit (it's an FM modulated model)
and the switches and such seem fine, it also ignores the power command
from the remote. When this first occured the unit was totally dead, after
being unplugged overnight it worked fine again. next couple times it
behaved like it does now, came back after being unpluged. Reset button
doesnt seem to help.

Anyway... I have the display unit from an older model, CDX-FM11235S and
was thinking of swaping it in to see if there was any improvement. Of
course I'll likely lose access to some features, but if it will just play
that's fine. Anyone know if they are compatible? I don't want to cause
more damage or damage the old display unit by guessing.