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Jan 1, 1970
Well, it is an editor or sorts; perhaps Ascii Character Drawing Program

would be a more appropriate name. At any rate, I'm please to announce
that PyAscii version 0.6 is available for download at - just click on the filename. contains an executable for WinXP. This should be
considered beta software since it has not had much testing by anyone
other than myself. Download and read the readme.txt file before
unzipping. contains the Python source files.
I'm using Python 2.3.

Send your comments and bug reports to:
"g a r y r a t f i d a l g o d o t n e t"


What is PyAscii?

PyAscii is a ASCII character drawing program, presently configured
to produce electronics schematics. Salient features:

* Electronic symbols or objects commonly used in drawing
electronics schematics may choosen from a list and placed
on the screen. They can also be moved, copied or deleted
with a few mouse clicks.

* Similarly, groups of object on the screen may be moved,
copied or deleted.

* Certain operations such as placing symbols, labels and pin
numbershave been automated to some extent.

* Standard resistor and capacitor values in either US or
European form may be selected from tables.

* Text may be quickly placed anywhere on the drawing. Just
move the cursor to the desired spot and start typing. Entered
text may moved, copied or deleted just like any other drawing
object. Single lines of text may be oriented vertically.

* Component labels (R1, R2, etc.) may be generated automatically.

* The ASCII drawing may be previewed or copied to the clipboard
or to a file at any time.

* A build-in editor allows modification of existing component
definitions or the addition of new ones. Component definitions
are in a WYSIWYG form. Multiple component definition files
may be used.