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ASICPseudo random number generator with a complete sequence


Apr 22, 2020
Apr 22, 2020
I would like to present a personal invention of mine.

It is a circuit that can produce a pseudo-random sequence with a period of 2^n numbers, where n is the numbers of registers.

The classical approach to generate pseudo-random numbers is to use Fibonacci or Galois linear-feedback shift register (LFSR) but the period of the generated random sequence is limited to 2^n - 1 numbers.
circuit structure.png

Furthermore, with the methodology I am proposing there are more circuit types that produce a complete sequence, therefore, it is more resistant to mathematical attacks.

Here it is a link to the blog post:

Here to links to the code if someone wants to try it out:

I will post in the future the circuit with multiple bit lengths ( from 3 to 16 bits ).
Any feedback is really appreciated.