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ATmega8 Fuse (RSTDISBL) / Parallel programming


Henning Mortensen

Jan 1, 1970
Hi all,

I'm having problems (re)programming the RSTDISBL fuse now that I have
programmed it to be an IO port..
I have tryed as the manual says, to programm it using highvoltage
parallelprogramming.! without success :(

Im using a STK500 board, and AVR studio 4..
I set the jumpers on the STK 500 as shown in the manual (page 3-12) and
described on page 3-13..!

Vtarget = 5.2
Aref = 5.1
STK500 osc = 1.229Mhz
ISP Freq = 3.998Khz

When I try to reprogramm (erase) the fuses I get an error telling me to
chect that Vtarget and Aref are betwees 4.5 and 5.5V (They are!)
and to make sure that the STK500 OSC are at least 4 times the ISP freq (it

Anyone have a good idear what to do? All I want is to be able to reprogramm
the chip.. It is a bit to expencive to throw away a chip every time I have
to test my program!


- Henning M