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Audio/Video Router


Benoit F.

Jan 1, 1970

I want to build a 8x8 audio/video router for my home theater. I already
figured out the video portion. I'll use a MAX456 along with MAX497 video
buffer. For the audio, i'm not decided yet on which IC to use. What i need
is a 16x16 buffered crosspoint or two 8x8 crosspoint in parallel. The AD8113
from Analog Devices looks perfect for the job. Unfortunatly, they only makes
it in LQFP packages which is almost impossible to solder by hand. Does
someone knows a similar device made in DIP package.

Anobody ever built this kind of project?

If anybody have schematics for this, it would help me a lot.

Thank you.

John Beardmore

Jan 1, 1970
Benoit F. said:
Anobody ever built this kind of project?

Not since 1985, and it only did audio. We used some kind of DIL CMOS
switch, but the quality was acceptable rather than great.

Though of doing it again a few years later using signal level relays but
never got around to it.

Would be tempted to think about doing it all digitally over IP now, but
that may not meet your needs.

Cheers, J/.

j.b. miller

Jan 1, 1970
Circuit Cellar Ink did that a few years ago.The article may be on their
website, if not, email me and I'll look for it on my shelf. I have #s 1 to
105....106 sitting here, collecting dust.
Between failing eyes and SMT, electronics isn't much fun anymore....