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AUTO-CAR CD Player Won't Play a CD (Mechanism maybe?)

John R Retired

Mar 13, 2022
Mar 13, 2022
This is a SONY Car CD-Radio; Model ID is "CDX-GT510, Drive 5" Made to load one CD only.
This is the type where the front control face can be removed for theft prevention.

3 main Modes are, "Radio", "AUX", "CD".

When in CD mode after it pulls in a manually inserted CD, a message comes up, displaying "Reset"
and the CD just won't engage to play.
I found the manual online, and it says to press the tiny "reset" button with a pencil or paperclip.
I did that, the CD mechanism seems to adjust, but nothing changes.
The "Reset" message comes up again, despite doing this multiple times.

After non-use for a month or more, I had left a CD in the player, the disc ejected OK,
and afterwards, is when this malfunction began.

Thanks in advance for your advice.
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