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Auto immobilizer

Good day

I wonder if anyone can help me?
I am trying to make an auto immobilizer. I have a uhf key chain type
transmitter and a matching receiver. My problem is the receiver
doesn't give me a latch or constant switched +12v only a momentary
+12v, I assume for a siren chirp. Can you provide me with a circuit to
take the momentary +12v and use it to latch a relay with which I will
immobilize the vehicle, until I re energize the receiver and then it
will unlatch. I have tried using 2 x 12v relays but cant figure out
how to wire them up to give me a latch.

My e-mail address to reply to me at is:

[email protected]

Thank you and regards.

Hilton Spark.


Oct 21, 2006
Oct 21, 2006
just a couple of gates [CMOS] Can do it and one relay,