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Hey everyone, I've been looking at a lot of digital cameras and
camcorders lately, and I noticed that some record video in AVI format,
and some in MPEG format. And I was wondering what is the difference
between these two formats?


Howard Henry Schlunder

Jan 1, 1970
You can't directly compare the two without more information. The Audio
Video Interleaved (AVI) standard defines a file structure which can contain
encoded video and encoded audio (among other features). In other words, you
can store MPEG streams in a AVI file (witness DivX, an MPEG4 variant stored
in AVI files). Similarly, AVI files can contain MPEG1 Layer 3 audio, or
Windows Media Audio, or raw Pulse Code Modulation, or whatever. I don't
know if MPEG files can contain non-MPEG streams, but I don't recall ever
knowingly comming across such a file.

If you ask me without giving more information, I would choose AVI. Since
information on the structure is freely available on the Internet, you can
readily get software to record and edit it (like VirtualDub). With more
information, I would certainly choose the one which visually appeared to be
the highest quality.

Howard Henry Schlunder