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AVR Insight / JTAG query



Jan 1, 1970
So far I've been debugging using simple text output on USART s or LCD etc.
I'd like to get into using the Insight debugger and go the whole hog and use
the JTAG interface. The Atmel JTAGICE is too expensive so I need one of the
cheaper alternatives.

I'd be interested to hear anyone's thoughts on a reliable, cost effective
JTAG interface which is compatible with Insight. Also, put simply, how do I
go about getting the whole thing to work together? I've looked for
documentation but can't find anything on how to get Insight, Avrice and the
hardware all integrated together. The Connect to Target pull-down in Insight
doesn't have any particular hardware listed so I guess all the setting up is
in Avrice but I couldn't find any documentation.

Thanks everyone.