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Ayaneo Next Pro (2tb version...) Need help with repair, extremely depressed about state of it

Sep 1, 2022
Hi y'all, I hope I'm posting this in the correct area but my father recently passed and it was in another country which ended up meaning all the stuff he wanted to pass down was essentially given away....

Beyond that the life insurance did pay a very small sum and with it I bought three things..

An ayaneo pro next, a desk chair and a VR headset.

Chair said it's rated for 300+lbs and I weigh 195. It broke last week.

VR had to be sent back and still waiting refund.

Ayaneo had the damn screen shut off and never come back on.

I contacted the makers, they want to ship it back to China then back here once repairs are done.

Two issues, customs costs $300+ and takes months (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Second issue? While checking the device out I stupidly removed the do not remove stickers without realizing it by loosening a different part that ripped them off and into shreds.

So I'm trying to look at my options .. I have a nice solder and microscope but I sure as hell don't have the knowledge or support to do anything. Also I have the meter thing. Dad was an electrician he left these before leaving country .

Please if anyone can give me even a slice of a direction to go that would make my year