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Basic auto ignition electric Q


Paul Conners

Jan 1, 1970
OP, here.
I am wondering if his magnetic ignition system is either faulty or hooked up

That's what I'm trying to determine. I'm 99 percent sure polarity was never
wrong (instructions say that will kill the module). Hookup is pretty simple:
red wire to coil primary (+) which is also battery (+). This car has no
ballast resistor nor primary resistance wire so coil primary is at ~ +12v.
Black wire to coil primary (-). Apparently the module also uses the
distributor body as its ground connection. A clamp bracket (to keep the
distributor from turning) grounds the distributor sufficiently.

Product support folks say no capacitor is needed. Both coils (original, and
new "hot" output coil) result in no spark.

Next time I'm at the car I'll do resistance tests on the module per the
support folks' specifications. This will determine the module's health.


Oct 21, 2006
Oct 21, 2006
I have no idea why it is called a coiil since in effect it is a transformer. both primary and secondary terminal are grounded at the case in essence all parts on a car one side is tied to chassis or ground.. Tthe two terminals is the primary and the socondary is the wire to the distibutor HI volts. Polarity is not an issue electrons will flow either way. it actualy does when the fiield colapses and SCR type of ignition system uses the technique to replanish metal migration in the spark plug.